Mush Comb Mushroom Projects

In the early 70s we started with mushroom growing in our own mushroom farm. After 20 years of mushroom growing experience we started a further focus on mushroom equipment. Officially in 1996 the name Mush Comb was established.

New Mushroom Machinery & Equipment

The name Mush Comb is a shortage for the words Mushroom Combination. We combine all aspects of mushroom growing in a service package to our worldwide located customers. Since 2008 an extra focus was on our own new mushroom machinery which enables us these days to offer new Mush Comb mushroom machinery with the best combination of mushroom climate and buildings.

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Mushroom Projects

Delivery of our mushroom projects is in more than 50 countries worldwide. Each mushroom project gets our personal and solid advice to make sure that your mushroom project is set up in the best way possible keeping in mind local conditions and circumstances.

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Heavy built machines, low maintenance
Best value for money
Worldwide available spare parts
Fast service (pre + after sales)
Reliable and customized advice
Your best turnkey project partner