Date: 19 April 2018

Machinery | Climate | Supplies | Engineering

Mush Comb can provide you with professional engineering. We supply drawings, electrical plans, steel, panels and supervision for the mushroom-, exotics- and composting business. This also gives us the freedom to customize where needed.

We always focus on an ideal set up based on total production capacity, growing surface, compost volume, climate control and logistics. The most effective design will be used to build the facility.

Now that we have discussed all the 4 product groups, we are off to the National Mushroom Day 2018.

Next week’s article will be about how we perceived the National Mushroom Day 2018.


Date: 18 April 2018

We supply supplies for the mushroom-, exotics- and composting business.

Receiving value for money... that is our main focus when it comes to supplies. We do no concessions when it comes to quality, because we want to supply our clients with products that have a long lifespan and support your business in a positive functional way.

We will always look at your specific situation to generate optimized efficiency and easy implementation of our products into your business. This means that we can customize our supplies specifically to your business.

Mush Comb provides all kinds of supplies such as:

- Shelving
- Picking Lorries
- Growing Nets
- Lights
- Picking Racks

But also many more accessories…

For more information please contact us at

Besides supplies, we also offer machinery, climate control and engineering solutions.


Date: 12 April 2018

Mush Comb has been active in climate deliveries for many years. We supply climate units and controls for the mushroom-, exotics- and composting business.

Climate control systems and well insulated growing rooms are main aspects within your growing environment and will determine the quality conditions of growing mushrooms and exotics.

Therefore we have been developing pre-fabricated, easy to install and energy efficient air handling units, air distribution systems and user-friendly climate computers.

This climate package is focused on user-friendliness, because we know that growers want to focus on growing. This provides growers with a short learning curve so they can get on with business right away.

Besides this, we always take the local conditions into account so that we can adapt our climate systems to these variables.

Climate control is just one of the solutions we offer our clients, but we also offer Machinery, Supplies and Engineering.

Next week’s article is going to discuss the product group Supplies.


Date: 10 April 2018

Mush Comb has been developing new innovative machinery for many years. We supply machinery for the mushroom-, exotics- and composting business.

We develop standardized machinery, but we also customize machinery specifically to your business for optimized efficiency and easy implementation of our products into your business.

Functionality, safety and user-friendly are the key terms we use when developing machinery. We always look at the client’s specific situation so we can optimally assist our client’s business.

Besides machinery, we also offer climate control, supplies and engineering solutions.

Please have a look at the link below for an overview of our machinery that will help you grow your business.

The next article is going to give a deeper understanding of Climate.


Date: 3 April 2018

Mush Comb has been established to put the customer first.

Our vision is to secure our position as most service-friendly supplier. We have actively been empowering this since the early 90s.

Mush Comb’s experienced team is used to put full effort into helping our clients with everything. Honest advice is one of the fundaments of our business. We genuinely want to support our customers and have therefore shifted our ideology from product-based to customer-based.

With everything we do, we ask ourselves the question “why?”
“Why do most suppliers think from products and not from the needs of the client?” We are going to stand in your shoes and come up with the best solutions for your specific situation.

In order to do this, we want to deliver a personal service. We are always in contact with our clients, from Whatsapp to social media to calls. It is also possible to video call, so clients can not only hear us, but also see us. This service does not stop after a purchase, because we want to grow together with our clients, now and in the future.

The extensive knowledge and information we share with each other, we also share with our clients. Our team strives to know everything about our products and the mushroom-, exotics- and composting markets. This is one of the ways we can offer the best possible advice.

All the above mentioned is empowered by the development of functional, high-quality products, conceived from the user. These products are safe to use and user-friendly. We support worldwide availability of spare parts so that our clients are provided with the possibility of an ongoing process when unexpected problems occur.

We are always on the look for innovation to develop excellent products, but also a better service.

Mush Comb treats you as number 1!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

T: +31 77 398 39 29 


Date: 29 March 2018

Our logo, mission, vision and slogan have changed to match the identity of Mush Comb.


Currently we exceed in offering new Machinery to the mushroom-, exotics- and composting markets.

The past couple of years we have been facilitating our clients also with Climate solutions, Supplies and Engineering, but now we want to communicate these product groups more to the market too.

This allows Mush Comb to respond to the needs of the global market for total solutions and advice.

Our goal is to keep innovating to enable us to provide the best possible service for our clients.

This will provide a steady growth for our customers, but also Mush Comb itself.

“Let’s grow together”

Next week we will be writing an article about our positioning.
“Where do we stand out from our competitors?”


Date: 27 March 2018

Kevin will be supporting the Marketing Communications department of Mush Comb.
For us a reason to ask him a couple of questions.

Mr. Bob Holtermans

Where are you from?
Meterik, the Netherlands

Why did you choose Mush Comb?
The past couple of years I have been on the road for study-, work- and life experiences in South-Africa, Sweden and New Zealand. When I came back to the Netherlands I was looking to work for an international orientated company where I can empower my marketing skills. The vacant function at Mush Comb is the perfect step in my career, because of the possibility to be highly involved within the Marketing Communication of Mush Comb.

What skills are you going to bring to Mush Comb?
In 2016, I have finished my Marketing Master in Sweden. Last year I have gained sales experience in New Zealand. Both these experiences are going to help me support Mush Comb in general. I am furthermore very motivated to exploit my talents and work in a fun environment, which Mush Comb offers me.

What do you want to learn at Mush Comb?
I want to finally be able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. I might bring some of my study books along for guidelines, but it is time to put my creativity into work.

What are your hobbies besides work?
My field of interests consists of the world of sports (from running marathons and participating in obstacle runs to watching sports on the couch), travelling and cooking. I can always be woken up for new adventures, exploring is part of my DNA and I strive to always develop my professional skill set in the broadest sense.

Which mushroom dish can you be woken up for?
Simply a mushroom burger.

What is your favourite innovation?
The airplane, but this will be replaced by a time travelling machine when that comes to the market. All to provide easy travel solutions.