Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Growing Room

Mush Comb is a well known company in the Exotic Mushroom industry. In 2015 we initiated an extra focus on this market. Which has leaded to several developments in the industry. This page will inform you about the latest developments.

Growing Oyster Mushrooms

First focus is the oyster mushroom. Producing oyster mushrooms is a delicate job. Before 2017 there was no single European company who came with a standard for the European exotic mushroom industry. When you would visit 10 farms they would be all 10 different. Mush Comb set the goal to standardize the growing of exotic mushrooms, in particular Oyster Mushrooms and in near future also Shiitake Mushrooms.

Below you can find animation with our Oyster block growing rack. This gives you a better insight in our development.

The animation shows how far we can go with automation and efficiency in growing oyster mushrooms. For most European companies that is one step too far for now. But this development had the outcome of a new growing rack for oyster mushrooms.

Mush Comb can delivery you the total package for an oyster farm. Please note that so far no other European company has taken the effort to have a closer look at this industry and tried to come up with solutions which really make a difference. We can supply:

  • Growing racks
  • Climate units
  • Climate controls
  • Panels
  • Engineering

Below some pictures for your reference.

Oyster Mushroom Growing Oyster Mushroom Growing Oyster Mushroom Growing Oyster Mushroom Growing

Oyster Mushroom Growing Room

Oyster Mushroom Growing Climate Oyster Mushroom Growing Room Transport

Oyster Mushroom Growing Room Panels in construction.