Mush Comb Solutions Supplier

Mush Comb is besides a mushroom equipment specialist also strong in supplying all your other requirements. From advice till complete mushroom projects (turnkey). On the right you can find the menu for the different items.

Mush Comb Solutions

  • Buildings for mushroom growing. In general we know 3 types of mushroom buildings.
  • Climate control for your mushroom cultivation. Each growing room has its mushroom climate control to create the best environment for your mushroom cultivation.
  • Mushroom compost is critical for a good yield. Mushroom compost can be produced locally or imported and even on long distances. Mush Comb can supply all the mushroom equipment for local made mushroom compost.
  • Mushrooms grow in mushroom shelfs. These mushroom shelfs are specially designed for an modern mushroom farm.
  • Turnkey is simply all these aspects combined in one project. Mush Comb gives you the most flexible turnkey solutions. For example mushroom climate and machinery are delivered from Netherlands but mushroom building is made locally with our advice.

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